How do your employees and guests connect to the internet? There are so many amazing technologies available to us, but one thing remains - dependency on a secure, stable connection to the internet.  The DotX Network solutions provide just that. While we are not an Internet Service Provider, we can provide and manage equipment that works with your ISP equipment to ensure your network is stable and secure. 
Networking Equipment: 
From a simple one office connection to having multiple locations or satellite employees, we can provide a solution that allows everyone to connect to your infrastructure securely. DotX is able to fully manage your network environment remotely, allowing you the freedom to focus on your business instead of your connection. 
Wireless Solutions: 
The DotX Wireless Solution can provide coverage for your entire office space as needed. We will carefully analyze your space and recommend the correct model and quantity of access points required. We can separate your business production network from a guest network. This will give your guests access to the internet, without the risk of allowing them into your network. With our solution, you also have the option to have access to your management portal, where you will be able to see who is connected to your wireless network and what their usage is. 
Surveillance Equipment: 
As a business owner or manager, the physical security of your office space is very important. Our Surveillance solution gives you access to monitor your own environment. Our equipment is easy to manage. You choose the settings of recordings and location of the cameras. This surveillance solution eliminates the need for an outside monitoring company - as you or your team can easily monitor the premises.